Welcome to Night Owl Services, llc.  We are grateful for your visit to our site.  We are focused on providing the best services to the food and beverage industry in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area. We have more than 30 years of experience in the Milwaukee and Illinois markets.

We strive to provide excellent services of new and used equipment that is essential to a successful commercial kitchen or bar.  Although we provide more services than any one of our closest competitors, we don’t do everything.  Its much easier to list what we don’t provide to our customers, than what we will provide. 

We specialize in food service equipment and refrigeration.  Including ice machines.  However, we do provide general maintenance of plumbing and electrical repairs when requested.
We are a small family owned business located on the North side of Milwaukee.  We service customers up to a 100 mile radius.  We work to provide local job training to our community.  We reinvest our dollars locally whenever possible.