Customers Win

The customer comes first at Night Owl Service, LLC, that’s why we set our prices 20% lower than our closest competitors, minimum. We aren’t afraid to work a little overtime for our valued customer’s. To guarantee your repair is completed in the most timely manner possible, we’ll extend our regular business hours and charge no overtime rate for our planned maintenance partners. In our eyes, Mom & Pop operations are just as valuable as the largest chain restaurants, that’s why we offer both companies the same amount of savings. In addition, we provide even lower-rates to planned maintenance agreement partners, this lowers the cost of our hourly rates by almost an additional 20%. Customers can control their annual repair cost budget with our game changing Peace Of Mind agreements. Peace of Mind agreements allow you to say goodbye to the pocket-shock of unexpected repair needs and relax knowing your equipment is in good hands. 

Most importantly, we strive to provide excellent service daily. We invest in our customer’s equipment through training off-the-clock, this allows us to provide the highest manufacturer-recommended planned maintenance and repair. When our customers decide it’s time to replace a piece of equipment we can locate, refurbish and install a used replacement with warranty, or replace it with a new unit. We’re here to assist you with as much maintenance as needed to keep your food service operation running at it’s top capacity, that’s why customers always win with Night Owl Services, LLC.

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