Planned Maintenance Services

Planned maintenance has proven to be the most economical approach to equipment upkeep and longevity. The level of maintenance is not the same for everyone as it depends on the volume and of use of equipment, quality of the equipment and the care of the end user and level of care when repaired. We can customize planned maintenance for any size operation.

We work with customers to control their repair expenses with our game changing “Peace of Mind” agreement. To use an example from the automotive industry, going a year without any maintenance or repair costs would be nice, but is that really the best decision?

We simply assess the condition of the equipment and audit repair bills and/or tax return information. Example: If a customer spent $10k three years ago. $8k two years ago. And 10 k this year. Totaling 28k. Averaging $9.3k. We reduce that by 20% to $7.4k for the next three years each year, maybe even lower! There are more details to make things clearer, but that’s the premise.

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